a better way to learn

Cheery Kids is an enrichment program that specializes in helping students find and achieve academic success through programs that teach and reinforce positive study habits and foster an encouraging and supportive learning environment. Students of Cheery Kids enjoy a holistic learning experience that not only prepares students for school, but for life outside the classroom. 

student-teacher ratio

We keep our class sizes small so that our students can receive the attention and care they deserve. By keeping our  ratio small, teachers have more time to build curriculum and activities around the interests and needs of their students. 

Tailored Learning

Our enrichment programs are designed to adapt and to adjust to each student's needs. Students learn materials at their own rate of readiness and advance when they have mastered the previous lesson's concepts. 


Positive Environment

We believe that an encouraging and supportive learning environment is essential to the learning experience.



Cheery Kids Summer Camp weaves learning with fun by designing a curriculum where students learn through experiences. Students explore science through edible projects and experiments, get creative with arts and crafts, and play chef with all sorts of interesting recipes! Students practice public speaking through hosting a game show or being a sports announcer! And, every week, students take a field trip to somewhere active and fun! 


Open enrollment for our Academic Summer Camp is closed. Enrollment for Summer 2019 will begin in January 2019.

Our  8-week long program is an intensive learning experience where students receive 2 hours of instruction and 2 hours of guided practice every Monday to Thursday. Our Academic Summer Camps are designed to help students learn ahead, building a strong foundation for the coming school year. 

We offer two academic camps: Math (Grade 4+) and Writing (Grade 4+).  


2018-2019 After School Enrichment Program


Enroll today in our After School Enrichment Program to give your student the support and care they need to grow and thrive.