Whether your child is trying to catch up in school or looking for greater challenges, Cheery Kids is here to help them find success and build self-confidence!

Our hope is to teach our students to be curious about learning, to be daring with their dreams, and to be both confident and kind when moving forward.


Our program is built on the belief that every child learns and achieves differently, which is why our program doesn't subscribe to a one-size-fits all curricula. We tailor our program to complement the expectations of local schools, but teach it in a way that is accessible to our students. 


By keeping our teacher-student ratio low (1:8), your child can get the help and attention they need to find success. Our smaller class sizes means teaching becomes more personalized, which means a better learning experience for your child!


We promise our students a safe, respectful, and supportive environment: one where they are encouraged to explore, learn, and excel. By carefully selecting and training our instructors and tutors, we hope to create a space that is both comfortable and educational for our students.

SPECIAL OFFER FOR CURRENT CHEERY KIDS & JUBILANT LEARNING CLUB STUDENTS: Enroll with our Summer Camp by May 1st and commit to 5 (or more) weeks and receive 15% off your summer tuition! 


Join us for an exciting summer of learning, discovery, and creativity! In addition to our morning lessons, our summer camp offers a variety of activities that keep your child laughing and curious! 


  • Math & English Enrichment Lessons
  • Science Projects & Experiments
  • Unusual Arts & Crafts
  • Public Speaking
  • "Little Chef"

    And more!


We believe that students are very much like snowflakes: they come in varying designs and no two are quite the same. And because students are unique, their path to success is also unique. At Cheery Kids, we treat our students as individuals. We build curriculums around our students' individual needs. Our program, at its core, is adaptive. Some students may want extra practice. Other students may be ready for greater challenges. Regardless of what kind of student your child is, our program will be tailored your child's goals!


32651 Alvarado Blvd.,

Union City, CA 94587

T: (510) 364-2002

T: (510) 362-2010





Monday to Friday

2:30PM — 6:30PM


Cheery Kids is closed on all major holidays



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