Our Story

Cheery Kids was founded in 2007 by Cybele M. Wan, an educator from Hong Kong with over 30 years of experience, who envisioned a learning environment that was both supportive and encouraging of students.

Recognizing the difficulties of today's academic landscape and the shortcomings of public education, Director Wan started an enrichment program that not only helped students overcome academic challenges, but also helped students grow as individuals.

Since then, Cheery Kids has grown into a robust and dynamic program that strives to help each child realize their full potential. The curriculum continues to embody our director's principle beliefs that education should be holistic. And Cheery Kids continues to be a safe, supportive space where students can learn, grow, and dream confidently.

Currently, Cheery Kids' campus is located at 32651 Alvarado Blvd., Union City, CA 94587


We believe that education is more than teaching children their 123's and ABC's. We believe that education should also teach children the differences between right and wrong and the tools they will need to make positive life choices. As such, our program is designed to support children's growth in both area: from finding success in school to finding success as individuals.