Our After-School Enrichment Program features homework tutoring from experienced tutors and instructors, small-class instructions in both language arts and mathematics, test preparations, and weekly projects and activities that encourage creativity and exploration.


Homework Tutoring

Helping students get into the habit of finishing their work before play is one of our center's learning goals. With our program, students establish a familiar routine of work-before-play and learn good time management skills. We believe that good study habits are key to any and all academic success—both now and later.


Young Writer's Workshop

Our Young Writers' Workshop teaches students grammar and composition through fun language exercises. Students work on building essential grammar skills and expanding their vocabulary with various creative writing assignments. With our workshop, students learn how to organize both sentences and ideas, and how to effectively express their thoughts in clear and powerful ways. 

The Young Writers' Workshop focuses on developing a strong writing foundation that is integral to later language success.  


Math & English Enrichment Classes

Our enrichment classes are bespoke. Whether your student is in need of additional review or ready to jumpstart their year, we have a learning program for them. Our enrichment classes teach fundamental concepts in both mathematics and language that prepare your student for the year ahead, setting them up for future success!

Students receive specialized instruction, targeted practice problems, and are regularly evaluated to monitor and track progress. Many of our students enrolled in this course are learning one or two years ahead of grade level!


Foreign Language: Mandarin

Learning a second or third language is an important skill in today's world, which is why our enrichment program offers daily lessons in Mandarin! Students learn to read and write in Simplified Chinese and listen and speak in Mandarin through role-playing, games, songs, and puppetry. 

Course Supplements

In addition to our academic workshops, our After School Program also includes a variety of supplementary workshops. By signing up for our full program, these supplementary courses come at no additional costs!


Little SpeakErs' Workshop

Our Little Speakers' Workshop is designed with young learners in mind. Students learn and practice delivery through role-playing, games, and more! Rather than having students write speeches or do traditional speech exercises, our Little Speakers' Workshop focuses on helping students become familiar and comfortable with performance while developing a sense of self-confidence.  


MAD Science Experience

In order to grow science literacy and foster an environment that encourages exploration into STEM, we invite a guest lecturer from MAD Science to introduce students to ideas in biology, chemistry, physics, and engineering! Students work with everything from dry ice to circuits and learn about the world around them through interactive and dynamic lessons and experiments!


Little Chef

The culinary arts are not only delicious, but an excellent way to learn about nutrition, culture, and science! Students experiment with a wide variety of ingredients (some that are beloved and some that are decidedly less so), and every other week, students will attempt one culinary challenge!


Arts & Crafts

Art is more than pencil and paper, paint and canvas. It is also a unique form of self-expression and experience. Our students paint and create with nontraditional mediums while learning about art history and how it has impacted the many cultures around the world. 


Good Manners Education

We believe that education is more than teaching students their ABCs and 123s. We believe that education should be a holistic experience, which is why we include a social etiquette course in our program. In addition to teaching students essential manners, we also ask our students to reflect on the kind of person they want to be.