Whether your child needs extra practice or is ready to learn ahead, our program has your child covered.

Our after school program is designed to help students form good, solid foundations that prepares them for the future. Our enrichment curriculums, which are complementary to local school curriculums, help students reinforce schoolwork when necessary and teach ahead. Through our after school program, nearly all of our students are one or two grade levels ahead of state and district standards.


Our English Enrichment class consists of daily grammar practice, spelling and vocabulary, as well as reading comprehension exercises. Through a combination of group lessons and independent work, students become stronger readers and writers, which better prepares them for class. 


Our Math Enrichment class includes arithmetic drills (mental math), word problems, and critical thinking exercises. With small-group lessons, our instructors and tutors work closely with our students, helping them better understand their homework as well as preparing them for upcoming exams.


(Grade K to Three)

In an effort to increase science literacy among young thinkers, we invite guest lecturers from MAD Science to guide young students through an immersive and exciting learning experience that encourages curiosities and interests in science and science-related fields. 


Science is all around us, all the time. Our Science Workshop aims to introduce students to a wide variety of topics and experiments and to encourage them to ask the pivotal question: why? With our Science Workshop, students do hands-on experiments that are based on their questions and interests. If students are interested in why something works or why something happens, our instructors work hard to deliever a lesson to explore those thoughts.  


.To prepare our students for the future, our program offers a language elective: Mandarin. We believe that learning a second language is an invaluable skill in today's world and are happy to be able to offer this special class! With daily practice and a highly immersive classroom, students learn how to read, write, and converse. To engage our students (and to help them stay motivated), our Mandarin class utilizes many different teaching tools: videoes, plays, games, puppets, and songs. Our Mandarin class provides a foundation for future, further language studies.


The goal of our Writing Workshop is two folds: to encourage written creative expression and to improve our students technical and compositional skills. Our weekly Writing Workshop focuses on improving grammar and construction. Students learn technical skills (e.g. correct punctuation, varied sentence syntaxes) and then apply them to a range of essays (e.g. personal narratives, argumentative and expositional essays, short fiction). With our workshop, students not only develop a stronger foundation in grammar, but become stronger writers as well.


Our students have the unique experience of creating fun and exciting works of art with a wide variety of mediums: paint, canvas, beads, glue, foam, and more! In addition to being fun, our bi-weekly class encourages creativity in our students!


Students learn about healthy habits and nutrition while cooking some of their favorite recipes with some healthier additions. In addition to making delicious snacks, students also learn about different cuisines and cultures!


Public speaking is a common fear among both children and adults, but with our workshop, students learn tips and tricks for great delivery. Our instructors never force students to present when uncomfortable, but, instead, work with them to slowly build their confidence. 


Beyond academics, our program also encourages students to make good, positive choices—to become leaders and role-models.  

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