Traditional Chinese Painting is one of the oldest artistic traditions that is still being practiced today

Give your student the opportunity to explore one of the world’s oldest surviving artistic traditions by enrolling them into one of our weekly classes! Your student will not only practice the basics of Chinese painting, but they will also learn about the Chinese perspective on art. It’s a fun and unique opportunity to broaden your student’s creative horizon, while also introducing a new and special form of expression.


What is Chinese Painting?

Chinese painting, also known as guohua, is a style of painting that incorporates calligraphy techniques (e.g. brush strokes, ink-types, etc.) and prominently features natural subjects such as landscapes, flowers, and animals. It is a tradition that began during the Han Dynasty (200 B.C.) and continues today.

About Our Class

Taught and led by our expert instructor and artist, Mrs. Wu, our Traditional Chinese Painting class is a fun and unique experience for students to learn a different style of art. Students practice traditional techniques and work with authentic materials to try and capture the beauty of the natural world!