Enroll your student with our test readiness program to better prepare them for the upcoming GATE test. Our course includes both structured lessons and guided practices that were created by educators and specialists familiar with the GATE test and program. With our program, your student will not only receive detailed instruction from our team of experienced test-prep instructors, but your student will receive a semi-tailored learning experience where the course and work evolve with your student’s needs.

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What is Gate?

Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) is an educational program designed to help public schools identify students who are ready for greater academic challenges. Students who successfully enroll in the GATE program receive an enriched and accelerated curriculum. This advanced curriculum eventually translates into Honor and AP classes, both which are crucial to college admissions.

Students enrolled in their school’s GATE program generally end up learning one or two years ahead of their peers. The accelerated learning allows for more in-depth coverage and understanding. Moreover, the rigors of the GATE program also teach students discipline and initiative—cornerstones of academic success.

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