Jubilant Learning Club

Jubilant Learning Club is our enrichment program for students in Grade 4 to Grade 6. Jubilant's After School Program is more academically-oriented in its curriculum and students attend weekly courses to help further their knowledge and skills.



In addition to homework tutoring, students also get the benefit of test preparations from our team of experienced educators. By keeping up to date with our students’ workloads and class schedules, students learn to refine their studying techniques and meet their classroom challenges with greater confidence.



Our Language Enrichment Class focuses on improving reading comprehension, expanding vocabulary, and refining grammar. Students work with challenging texts and learn to write short answer free responses.

Our Math Enrichment Class both reinforces materials taught at school and previews materials ahead of class (and scaled to each student's ability), giving students more time to learn and master essential topics. 

Every week, students receive small-group lessons from our team of instructors and are quizzes to check for mastery. Student progress is monitored closely to better support students in reaching their academic goals.



Our Writers’ Workshop not only helps students refine their grammar and vocabulary, but it also teaches them how to research, organize, and clearly express their ideas—skills that are essential to academic and career success. Each year, our young writers create imaginative narratives that continue to grow their interest in both reading and writing!  

The Writers' Workshop is not the same as the English Writing Class, which is an intensive class that focuses on developing academic writing. Our English Writing Class is offered only on Saturday or by private appointment.


Foreign Language: Mandarin

Taught by our Chinese Language Specialist, Ms. Julia, our Mandarin class continues to be an immersive, hands-on learning experience that encourages students to develop language that is useful for daily and regular communication. 

Lessons are a mixture of lecture and innovative teaching methods (e.g. games and songs, etc.). Through our language class, students develop the foundation they will need to pursue more advance Chinese studies. 


Public Speaking Workshop

Public Speaking is an essential and important skill for all areas of life—be it a school presentation, a job interview, or an investor's meeting—which is why we run a bi-weekly public speaking workshop to help our students become better orators. 

Students learn and practice delivery techniques through activities that reduces the stress of performance and help students become acclimated with speaking before an audience. 


Project & Experiment

Students receive bi-weekly instruction on biology, chemistry, or physics. Students learn to form and test hypothesis, make observations, do research, and write conclusions. Students work together to set up experiments and design solutions to real-world problems!  


Creative arts

Alongside academics, Jubilant offers students weekly "decompression activities" that are designed to stimulate creativity and self-expression. Students work together to create mural-esque presentations, large gallery pieces, and learn about both history and culture. 


Good Manners Education

Jubilant's GME curriculum leaves the etiquette lessons behind and, instead, asks students to consider questions in ethics, morality, and other character-developing questions to encourage students' abstract thinking and reasoning.