If your student needs additional support to help them reach their academic goals, our private tutors and lessons may be the solution. With private tutoring, every curriculum and every lesson is bespoke to each student, which means every lesson and every assignment is designed with your student in mind!


Our private lessons are a great way to help your student truly master challenging concepts. Your student will work directly with our team of expert tutors and the one-on-one nature of our lessons means your student won’t waste time on content they already understand. Give your student the dedicated instruction they need to succeed and schedule a free consultation with us today!


Is private tutoring right for my student?

Private tutoring and private lessons are an excellent way for many students to learn and further their academic journeys. The personalized nature of each lesson means the help each student receives is specifically tailored to that student. Instead of waiting copious amounts of time on covering past materials, each student works only on the areas they need to improve. This personalized attention is, sometimes, all a student needs to find success at school.

But private lessons aren’t only for students who are struggling (and they aren’t the only ones who can benefit from private lessons), they are also an amazing tool for students who need new and better challenges. For students who are learning new concepts—typically ahead of their class curricula—dedicated lessons offer a more thorough coverage of new materials. For many students, the in-depth lessons make learning new materials easier.


Available Subjects


Math can be a tricky subject and a difficult one for students to appreciate—something we are only all-too familiar with. But in our years of education, we have learned that students don’t dislike math because it’s “boring.” They dislike it because they don’t understand it. With our private lessons, your student will overcome the parts they don’t understand and, hopefully, gain greater confidence in the subject!

Mandarin / Cantonese

Learning a foreign language is an essential skill in today’s world, which is why Cheery Kids is now offering private lessons in Mandarin and Cantonese . Students work with our language specialists to develop the skills they will need to read, write, and speak in either Mandarin or Cantonese. Our private lessons can help your student develop language for everyday conversation while also preparing them for more advanced language studies down the road.

English Writing

Help build your student’s vocabulary, improve their grammar, and learn better compositions with our writing tutors. Whether your student lacks vocabulary or struggles to organize their ideas—or, perhaps, all your student needs is a short-term tutor to edit a few essays—our team is here to help your student succeed!  

Homework tutoring

For students who need more time to review challenging concepts or who require an hour or two of dedicated work sessions, our private lessons are a great way to let students catch up while developing positive study habits that are integral to future academic success. It’s normal for students to struggle with assignments, which is why our tutoring team is made up of patient and dedicated individuals who are invested in your student’s success.


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